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Title: Stakeholder analysis of the deliberation of an increase to the excise tax on sweetened beverages in Mexico
Keywords: Humans; Mexico / epidemiology; Obesity / epidemiology; Obesity / prevention & control; Policy Making; Public Policy; Stakeholder Participation; Sugar-Sweetened Beverages; Taxes; nan
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública
Abstract: Objective: To present the results of a stakeholder analysis used to construct a map of the actors involved in the delib-eration of a proposal to increase the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) in Mexico from 10 to 20 percent per liter. Materials and methods: A literature review and in-terviews to key actors were implemented. The analysis of the actors power and position was made using Policymaker. Results: There was concern for the obesity epidemic among all stakeholders, but little consensus on the way to solve it. Researchers and non-governmental organizations (NGO) support an increase in the tax on SSB, while government officials and industry representatives oppose this measure. Conclusion: Supporters of an increase to the tax on SSB need to build a coalition in order to force government officials to support this policy and successfully confront the soda industry, which has a solid opposing strategy and enormous financial resources to influence public opinion and congressmen.
URI: https://www.saludpublica.mx/index.php/spm/article/view/11762
ISSN: 1606-7916
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