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Title: Código Nutricia: nutrición y conflicto de interés en la academia en la academia
Keywords: Academies and Institutes , ethics, Conflict of Interest, Food Industry , ethics, Humans Malnutrition , prevention control, Mexico Nutrition Policy, Obesity , prevention control Policy Making
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: ESPM INSP
Abstract: Abstract in English, Spanish To combat malnutrition in all its forms, actions must be integrated from society as a whole. The main interest of the actors involved in these actions should be health. However, there are actors with conflict of interest that interfere in the design, planning, implementation and monitoring of public health nutrition policies. In order to mitigate the adverse effect that result from these conflicts, from evidence generation to the design and implementation of policies, this Code is proposed. It invites the nutrition and health community to adopt it, promote it and subscribe it, and to favor the advancement of actions and policies without industry interference to address the problem of malnutrition.
URI: sicabi.insp.mx:2020-None
https://www.doi.org/ 10.21149/11291
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