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Title: Calidad del sistema de información en salud: análisis comparativo de indicadores reportados, México OCDE 2010-2016
Keywords: Databases, FactualEmigration and ImmigrationHealth Information Systemsstandards,Health PersonnelHealth ResourcesHealth Services Needs and DemandHealth StatusHealth Status Indicators,HumansMexicoOrganisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development,Calidad, Sistemas de información Indicadores México
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ESPM INSP
Abstract: To analyze quantity and quality of the information reported by Mexico to OECD in relation to health indicators. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Analysis of frequency of indicators reporting, data quality, and comparison of reported values in the OECD environment. RESULTS: We analyzed 191 indicators. Mexico reported annually (2010-2016) 52.9% of them. Never reported 45.5%. The highest frequency of not reported (84%) is in the "Quality of care" group. Among the reported, information is of poor quality in 28.7% of them. Comparatively, Mexico holds the worst results in OECD indicators on screening of cancer, child and in-hospital mortality from myocardial infarction, and hospitalization for diabetes, among others. CONCLUSIONS: Mexico has problems of lack and quality of reported information, and frequently unfavorable values among OECD countries. The information system needs improvement, in both quantity and quality of data, and its effective utilization.
URI: sicabi.insp.mx:2019-None
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