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Title: Position paper on taxes to nonessential energy-dense foods and sugar-sweetened beverages
Keywords: Beverages, economicsEnergy IntakeFood, economicsHumansMexicoNutrition PolicySweetening Agents economicsTaxes,carbonated beverages, diabetes mellitus food juices obesity tax.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ESPM INSP
Abstract: In 2014 the Mexican government implemented taxes to reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and nonessential energy-dense foods. In this manuscript, we analyze the scientific evidence linking the consumption of these products to chronic diseases, and summarize the studies that have evaluated the observed and expected impact of food taxes in Mexico. The implementation of taxes to unhealthy foods has reduced purchases of sugar-sweetened beverages in 7.6% and nonessential energy-dense foods in 7.4%. A reduction in consumption could decrease obesity prevalence by 2.5%; prevent 20 000 cardiovascular disease events; 189 000 diabetes cases; and 20 000 cardiovascular deaths. Additionally, this impact could save nearly 1 173 million dollars from healthcare costs. Taxes to unhealthy foods should be strengthened up and remain as an integral part of the national strategy to reduce obesity and chronic diseases in Mexico.
URI: sicabi.insp.mx:2019-None
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