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Title: Broadening universal health coverage for children in Mexico
Keywords: Anemia, Sickle Cell,ChildHumansInfantKenyaMexicoProspective StudiesUniversal Health Insurance,SD
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ESPM INSP
Abstract: Universal health coverage remains high on the international political agenda with Sustainable Development Goal Target 3.8, the G20 declaration recommitment to universal health coverage in June, 2019,1 and the upcoming high-level meeting at the UN General Assembly in September, 2019. However, many countries are still grappling with the practicalities and complexities of advancing universal health coverage. These issues include defining universal, delivering meaningful coverage not just access, and deciding on the range of health-care services offered, in addition to building the necessary political consensus and administrative capacity.2 Progress is slow—in 2017 around half of the world’s population did not have full coverage of essential services3—and little is known about whether the quality of these services is sufficient to deliver health gains.
URI: sicabi.insp.mx:2019-None
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