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Title: Using community-based system dynamics modeling to understand the complex systems that influence health in cities: The SALURBAL study
Keywords: SD,Community-based system dynamics, Diet Group model building Latin America Transport.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: ESPM INSP
Abstract: We discuss the design, implementation, and results of a collaborative process designed to elucidate the complex systems that drive food behaviors, transport, and health in Latin American cities and to build capacity for systems thinking and community-based system dynamics (CBSD) methods among diverse research team members and stakeholders. During three CBSD workshops, 62 stakeholders from 10 Latin American countries identified 98 variables and a series of feedback loops that shape food behaviors, transportation and health, along with 52 policy levers. Our findings suggest that CBSD can engage local stakeholders, help them view problems through the lens of complex systems and use their insights to prioritize research efforts and identify novel solutions that consider mechanisms of complexity.
URI: sicabi.insp.mx:2020-None
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