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Title: Aplicación del análisis estadístico de datos censurados para el manejo de respuestas incompletas en la escala CES D
Keywords: Análisis de datos censurados, análisis de supervivencia, CES–D
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: We will describe the methods of a cluster randomized trial study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of an exercise referral scheme to increasing physical activity in hypertensive patients compared to a non referral scheme. Four PHCU were selected for the study; the PHCU will take part as the unit of randomization sedentary hypertensive patients as the unit of assessment. 2 PHCU of control group (GC) will provide information to hypertensive patients about physical activity benefits ways to increase it safely. 2 PHCU of intervention group (IG) will refer patients to sports facilities at the same institution, to follow a group based PA program developed to increase the PA levels with a designed based on the Transtheoretical Model Social Cognitive Theory. To evaluate the effects of the intervention as well as short term maintenance of the intervention’s effects, PA will be assessed at baseline, at 24 32 weeks of follow up.
URI: siid.insp.mx:1001-651
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