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Title: Measuring the adequacy of antenatal health care: a national cross sectional study in Mexico
Keywords: Atención prenatal, Cobertura baásica de atención prental, México, Sistemas de salud
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Objective To propose an antenatal care classification for measuring the continuum of health care based on the concept of adequacy: timeliness of entry into antenatal care, number of antenatal care visits key processes of care. Methods In a cross sectional, retrospective study we used data from the Mexican National Health Nutrition Survey (ENSANUT) in 2012. This contained self reported information about antenatal care use by 6494 women during their last pregnancy ending in live birth. Antenatal care was considered to be adequate if a woman attended her first visit during the first trimester of pregnancy, made a minimum of four antenatal care visits underwent at least seven of the eight recommended procedures during visits. We used multivariate ordinal logistic regression to identify correlates of adequate antenatal care predicted coverage. Findings Based on a population weighted sample of 9 052 044, 98.4% of women received antenatal care during their last pregnancy, but only 71.5% (95% confidence interval, CI: 69.7 to 73.2) received maternal health care classified as adequate. Significant geographic differences in coverage of care were identified among states. The probability of receiving adequate antenatal care was higher among women of higher socioeconomic status, with more years of schooling with health insurance. Conclusion While basic antenatal care coverage is high in Mexico, adequate care remains low. Efforts by health systems, governments researchers to measure improve antenatal care should adopt a more rigorous definition of care to include important elements of quality such as continuity processes of care.
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