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Title: Molecular Mechanism Potential Targets for Blocking HPV Induced Lesion Development
Keywords: Infección con VPH, Lesiones cervicales, Vigilancia inmunológica
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Persistent infection with high risk HPV is the etiologic agent associated with the development of cervical cancer (CC) development. However, environmental, social, epidemiological, genetic, host factors may have a joint influence on the risk of disease progression. Cervical lesions caused by HPV infection can be removed naturally by the host immune response only a small percentage may progress to cancer; thus, the immune response is essential for the control of precursor lesions CC. We present a review of recent research on the molecular mechanisms that allow HPV infected cells to evade immune surveillance potential targets of molecular therapy to inhibit tumor immune escape.
URI: siid.insp.mx:1001-661
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