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Title: Community based participatory research the Escuela de Salud Pública in Mexico
Keywords: Community Based Participatory Research* Curriculum Humans Mexico Public Health/education* Schools, Public Health/organization administration*
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: For a number of decades, some community studies interventions have been designed according to parameters, criteria, perspectives, without taking into consideration the population.1 Recent studies in communities in the United States, Canada, Australia have shown the great value of participatory research, where the researchers, community authorities, and population are equally involved, thus improving public health research community interventions.2–5 These programs, which include community training, are of significant importance for students wishing to learn more about a range of environmental, social, economic factors that affect health in all societies.6,7 Medical schools worldwide are including programs whereby students conduct practical work outside the classroom teaching hospitals (e.g., rural placement programs in Tasmania the West Virginia Rural Health Education Partnerships). Community medical education offers students the opportunity to learn about the needs of people in communities, which contributes to the students’ education8,9 helps train doctors who will work in these communities in the future.
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